Troubleshoot Epson Printer Common Errors with Epson Technical Support Number

Epson printers are greatly well known as a result of the extraordinary print quality they offers. These printers are produced using top quality parts and have been tried for any sort of mistakes show in them. Epson printers get guarantee for an issue looking with the Epson printer. There are many sorts of normal issues that can happen in Epson Printer.


Authenticate Epson printer drivers

Repair or fix the issue, please check the printer drivers wisely as the Epson printer drivers are compulsory for the operating system to interact with the printer.

Verify connections

Make sure that connection with the computer to the printer does not interrupt due to any fault in the hardware.

Check printer component

The Epson printer linked to your computer needs cartridges filled with the ink. If the ink cartridge is blank then the issues would appears, also other reasons of errors like dirt, and paper jam.

Here are some tips on how to analyze scanner problems and ready solutions to resolve the issues:

  • Ready light is on or flashing-

    This is normal behavior of the device as it is in deputy mode and ready to scan. It started flashing on and off when scanning is in progress.

  • Error light is flashing, ready light is off – It indicate a problem with connectivity and could be resolved by checking signal between the computer and printer. If this still does not work then try disconnect both devices from the plug. Wait till before re-powering on, and reboot both devices.
  • Error and ready lights are both on – The scanner has received a wrong signal from the computer scanning software. Re scanning again will resolve the issue.
  • Error and ready lights are both off – Just check if the scanner is installed to the electrical plug safely. At that point push the power button to restart the scanner, the green light ought to be on if not. There is a problematic with the automatic document feeder or the scanner door is still open and need to close. If the automatic document feeder is now being used, be sure to load the document properly and no paper has jammed.
  • Error and ready light are both flashing – The issue lies with the transportation lock establish at the back panel of the scanner and unlock. Alternative method is to unlock the scanner, turn it off and on alternately and restart the computer. This should allow the scanner to continue scanning.

Contact Epson Printer Technical Support Number +1-855-676-2448 if you have any other issues related to Epson Printer.


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